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How to Craft a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy - Live Online 2024 - November 7

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<p><strong>November 7 | 1:00 - 4:00 p.m., ET</strong></p><p>A strong marketing foundation is the basis of a successful marketing program, much like a well-built foundation ensures a home stands the test of time. Designed for home builders, this course focuses on building a strong marketing foundation -- your website, branding and content – and how to use marketing strategy and tactics to engage potential home buyers and turn them into leads. Learn how public relations, social media, video, design, email marketing, photography and graphic design capture and engage today&rsquo;s consumers. Additional advice on crafting an effective marketing budget is also covered.</p><p>This 3-hour class will be held from 1-4 ET</p><p>Contact <a href="mailto:elearninghelp@nahb.org">elearninghelp@nahb.org</a> with any questions.</p>