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[Replay] Real-Time Info 3D Modeling and the Future of Project Management

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This webinar will detail how integrating 3D modeling and other technologies can aid in all areas of project management and identify issues before they become delays or expenses.


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The future of successful project management will rely on all stakeholders having access to a digital twin of the building before and during construction. This webinar will explore how the integration of 3D modeling can identify issues before they become delays or expenses, as well as how technology and software can aid in each area of pre-construction planning, including scheduling, estimating, construction sequencing and more.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn how pre-construction planning can identify issues or obstacles before they become delays and expenses.
  • Explore how visualization of the project schedule in construction sequences can aid stakeholders in the project to better understand tasks.
  • Discover the attributes of length, area and volume and how they can be used to generate quantity takeoffs and estimates.
  • Learn the software platforms available to aid in project management, in the office and in the field.



  • John G. Brock – President, Brockworks, Inc.


Recorded: August 11, 2021 


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