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Webinar Replay - Every Penny Counts: Calculating Income for Section 42 Projects (Oct. 2016)

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If you think one plus one always equals two or there’s only one right way to calculate income, you need this webinar reply.  Long-time consultant Vivian Probst has seen what can happen when property managers think too narrowly.  

In 60 minutes, Probst covers all types of income and asset calculations. It’s a fun and engaging way to learn or brush up on calculating income for Section 42 projects, where pennies can make all the difference!  The level of content in this webinar replay is for the intermediate learner.

While disclosure of income and asset information is up to the Section 42 household, appropriate calculations belong with the property management and compliance team. Correct calculations are vital to success, and mistakes can cost the project and its owners valuable tax benefits.


Using the latest version of the HUD 4350.3 Handbook as a primary resource and her 30 years of experience in Section 42, Probst will illustrate where the HUD Handbook applies, where Section 42 deviates from the HUD Handbook and why. You’ll see the world of income determination in a whole new light.


Participants in this webinar replay will able to:

  • - Discuss the latest version of the HUD 4350.3 Handbook. 
  • - Review income and asset calculations as they apply to Section 42 projects. 
  • - Describe how to make accurate calculations based on verified information and how to deal with insufficient information.

Moderator: Bob Landis, Senior Vice President, Syndications, CAHEC


Speaker: Vivian Probst, HCCP, SHCM, President, The TheoPRO Group


NAHB Continuing Education: 1.0 hours of continuing education credit for the HCCP designation and for the following 12 designations: CAPS, CGA, CGB, CGP, CGR, CMP, CSP, GMB, GMR, Master CGP, Master CSP, MIRM.


Cancellation and Refund Policy: No refunds are issued for webinar replays upon purchase. However, NAHB regularly reviews these products and reserves the right to remove replays that are no longer current. If you are unable to view a replay during your 12-month access period, please contact Deborah Krat at