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Contract 105: Design Services Contract

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NAHB offers a variety of residential construction contracts and documents developed by NAHB members, exclusively for home builders and remodelers. Visit NAHB Contracts for the complete list of available contracts.This product includes the following contract:

  • Contract 105: Design Services Contract

Please note that your digital contract purchase is non-refundable.

Use this contract for pre-construction design services with options if parties sign a construction agreement – parties are the owner and the design build contractor – CAUTION – architectural licensing statutes in certain states may limit or prohibit certain unlicensed design services and practices.


Obtain a local legal opinion before using this contract. CAUTION – Architectural licensing statutes in some states may limit or prohibit certain unlicensed design services and practices, to include preparation of plans and designs for certain structures and the representation that design services are being provided. Before using this document it is recommended that a local attorney be consulted as to the appropriateness of its use in your specific location. Length: 6 pages.


This contract will be available as a downloadable Word document immediately after purchase. Click the link below to preview the contract.


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