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[Replay] Preparing for the 2021 Energy Code Changes

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The webinar will present the key changes to the residential energy code provisions of the 2021 IECC. Attendees will learn about new requirements with the largest impact on the design and construction practices, and the associated energy savings.

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Changes in the recently released model energy code (2021 IECC) represent the largest overhaul of the residential energy code provisions in nearly a decade, and will require design and construction changes to homes in all climate zones across the U.S.Understanding and preparing for the revisions are critical — join us for this webinar as we provide a summary of the key changes, discuss expected levels of energy savings and outline new requirements for the prescriptive, performance, and ERI methods. The 2021 IECC Code Adoption Kit, developed by NAHB to support HBAs as jurisdictions begin their review and consideration of the new energy provisions, will also be introduced.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn how to design and construct homes to achieve compliance with the residential provisions of the latest model energy code (2021 IECC).
  • Learn the differences in new requirements between the prescriptive, performance and ERI compliance paths.
  • Learn about the expected levels of energy savings from implementing the 2021 IECC.
  • Learn about the NAHB Code Adoption Kit for the 2021 IECC.



  • Vladimir Kochkin – Director, NAHB


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