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[Replay] How to Create a Great Experience in a Great Market

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When business is booming, customer service can suffer. This webinar will outline best practices for creating a great experience for your clients through empathy and trust as well as how to avoid burn out and preserve positive attitudes and outlooks within your team.


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When we are busy selling so many homes in today&rsquo's strong market, it is easy to become transactional and lose sight of that great customer experience buyers expect. This webinar will focus on how to relate, create empathy, and build trust with clients and build great teamwork within our companies. Learn how to turn price increases, delayed starts and even limited releases into a value statement that clients will embrace, and discover ways to protect our attitudes by staying mindful and positive.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn how to relate and connect with clients, creating a great customer experience.
  • Learn how to turn price increases, delays and limited releases into a positive selling tool and value statement.
  • Learn how to look for signs of employee burn out and how to replace anxiety with positive activities that will create harmony and well-being.



  • Roland M. Nairnsey, CSP – President, New Home Sales Plus

Recorded: July 28, 2021


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