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[Replay] Moneyball: Managing Your Homebuilding Company by the Numbers

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In this webinar, learn how to utilize critical “metrics” of homebuilding success to guide operational improvements, create efficiencies and increase your profits.


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From profit and loss to operational excellence, this can’t-miss webinar will explore and demystify the critical “metrics” of homebuilding success. Just as Major League Baseball adapted with an increased emphasis on the statistical analysis of performance, builders, too, can utilize and refine various business metrics to guide operational improvements that lead to greater efficiency and profit. Join us to learn how!


What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn how easy it can be to build your annual operational budget in a matter of several hours.
  • Learn which reports to produce for efficient and constant improvement of your product, profit and people.
  • Understand why more is not always better, especially where revenue is concerned.



  • Bob R. Whitten – Managing Partner, SMA Consulting


Recorded: June 30, 2021 


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