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[Replay] Simple & Effective Job Costing to Maximize Profit

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Most small builders already have the necessary tools and resources to implement a job costing system — this webinar will show you how to configure your current estimating and accounting systems to better track and report job costs so you can protect and maximize profits.

Accurate estimating, purchasing and project management are all essential to achieving a profitable outcome, but without effective job costing there is no way to identify errors, highlight problem areas or implement changes needed to protect and maximize your profit goals. This webinar will assist you in understanding the essential elements of an effective job costing system and how to efficiently implement one using small business accounting software such as QuickBooks.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand the essential elements of an effective job costing system.
  • Configure a small business accounting system, such as QuickBooks, to properly track job costs.
  • Produce a workable job cost report for a typical building project.
  • Develop a checklist for implementing this system quickly and efficiently upon returning home.



  • Speaker 1 – Vince Butler, CAPS, CGR, GMB, GMR – President, Butler Brothers Corporation


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