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Webinar Replay: The Future of Urban & Suburban Housing in the Wake of COVID-19

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This webinar replay will explore the significant changes in housing demand patterns in the wake of COVID-19.


This webinar replay is FREE for Multifamily Council members, Housing Credit Group Members (HCG Complimentary Member, HCG Builder Member, HCG Associate Member and HCG Steering Committee Member) until December 31, 2020. Log in to with your regular username and password, and the webinar replay price will be “$0” when added to your cart.

As home builders and multifamily developers consider what and where to build in a COVID and post-COVID world, questions abound about the demand for suburban versus urban housing, single-family versus multifamily and rental versus for-sale. Significant changes are underway in housing demand patterns, but are these changes short-term shifts or long-term trends? How should we accommodate work from home trends? Will single-family built-for-rent play a larger role? And what are the demand prospects for luxury, middle-income and affordable segments? This webinar replay will explore these and many more critical elements driving suburban, urban, for-sale and rental demand across the U.S. in the wake of the pandemic.


Participants in this webinar replay will:


  • -Gain an understanding of how the housing landscape is changing in the wake of the pandemic and how developers are addressing the new realities.
  • -Explore how developers are addressing the need for more affordable urban, suburban, rental and for-sale housing.
  • -Identify the prospects for development in urban, walkable suburban, low-density suburban, exurban and rural locations.
  • -Learn how the townhouse and single family built-for-rent sector will grow in the near future.




  • Richard M. Gollis, Co-Founder and Principal, The Concord Group
  • Dr. Robert Dietz, Chief Economist, NAHB
  • John Affleck, VP, Market Analytics, Costar
  • Svenja Gudell, Chief Economist, Zillow Group
  • Charles Elliott, President, Toll Brothers Apartment Living


NAHB Continuing Education: 1.0 hours of continuing education credits for the following 12 designations: CAPS, CGA, CGB, CGP, CGR, CMP, CSP, GMB, GMR, Master CGP, Master CSP, MIRM.


Cancellation and Refund Policy: No refunds are issued for webinar replays upon purchase. However, NAHB regularly reviews these products and reserves the right to remove replays that are no longer current. If you are unable to view a replay during your 12-month access period, please contact Deborah Krat at