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[Replay] Builder Broker Webinar Series - Broker Builder Cooperation

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The Builder Broker Webinar Series, moderated by Robert August from North Star Synergies, contains three insightful panel discussion webinars by some of the top brokers in the country. The first webinar replay will discuss techniques that work from market to market and help you increase qualified prospects, sales and closings; the second webinar replay will discuss promotional communication tips and tricks and standard builder rules and policies; the third webinar replay will discuss contracts, community tours, becoming a real estate board member and attending meetings and collaboration practices.

In the U.S., successful real estate and builder brokers employ best practices that work across markets including consistent communication, commission parity, standard compensation and comprehensive real estate incentive programs. In this webinar replay, Broker Builder Cooperation Part I, part of NAHB’s Builder Broker Webinar Series, our panel of experts will share their proven techniques to help webinar participants increase qualified prospects, expedite sales and closings, and increase profitability.


Broker Builder Cooperation Part II, part of NAHB’s Builder Broker Webinar Series, our expert panel will share best practices including promotional communication, event invitation and participation monitoring, thank-you campaigns and transaction communication.


In Broker Builder Cooperation Part III, part of NAHB’s Builder Broker Webinar Series, our expert panel will share best practices for consideration and collaboration practices, frequency of communication, attendance at real estate broker meetings and visiting real estate broker offices.


Participants in this webinar replay will learn how to:


  • Effectively prospect and network with real estate brokers.
  • Build excellent ongoing working relationships with real estate brokers.
  • Increase sales with real estate brokers.


Moderator: Robert August, North Star Synergies, Denver, CO


Panelists: Jason August, Gourmet Real Estate, Denver, CO; Michael Davidson, Wonderland Homes, Denver, CO; Dana Keller, Koelbel and Company, Denver, CO; Kimberly Mackey, New Home Solutions, Tampa Bay, FL; Chuck Miller, Chuck Miller Consulting, Boise, ID; Carolyn Morrison, Joseph Chris Partners, Scottsdale, AZ; Jason Nageli, Holmes Homes, Salt Lake City, UT; Roland Nairnsay, New Home Coach, Miami, FL; John Palumbo, The Sterling Group, Jacksonville, FL


NAHB Continuing Education: 1.0 hours of continuing education credits for the following 12 designations: CAPS, CGA, CGB, CGP, CGR, CMP, CSP, GMB, GMR, Master CGP, Master CSP, MIRM.


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