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Webinar Replay - Digital Marketing: Many Channels, One Message

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Each digital marketing channel - websites, email and social media - works like a small stream that, when combined with others, can create a rushing river of momentum. This webinar replay demonstrates how when digital channels work together, it creates a 1+1=3 effect. Bring all these streams together, and take control of your digital marketing efforts. Your brand will benefit from them working together.

For the last decade, marketing channels, specifically digital ones like websites, email, Facebook, Instagram and others, have proliferated at such a rate that it's hard for housing marketers to keep up. As a response, companies started divvying up responsibilities: keep the social media in-house and outsource the website and email, or keep the website in-house and outsource the search engine optimization (SEO).


The result can be a set of marketing specialists working separately, resulting in digital channels working independently rather than working together. In today's modern marketing environment, that's not good enough. This webinar replay demonstrates that when digital channels work together, it creates a 1+1=3 effect. Your brand will benefit from them working together.


Participants in this webinar replay will:


  • -Explain how to develop a holistic digital marketing strategy and implement it in a cohesive way
  • -Describe what it means to develop a brand voice and initial awareness strategies to create long-tail, ongoing lease-up approaches
  • -Examine real-world examples and case studies from the multifamily industry




  • -Amy Weedon, Merrick Towle Creative
  • -Sean Ruberg, Merrick Towle Creative


NAHB Continuing Education: 1.0 hours of continuing education credits for the following 12 designations: CAPS, CGA, CGB, CGP, CGR, CMP, CSP, GMB, GMR, Master CGP, Master CSP, MIRM


Cancellation and Refund Policy: No refunds are issued for webinar replays upon purchase. However, NAHB regularly reviews these products and reserves the right to remove replays thatare no longer current. If you are unable to view a replay during your 12-month access period, please contact Deborah Krat at