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Fall Prevention in Residential Construction

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This on-demand course covers the basics and best practices of fall protection, including how to recognize common fall hazards, identifying when fall protection is required, understanding the safety requirements for typical jobsite equipment such as ladders and scaffolding, and more.

This free, on-demand course is comprised of 6 modules, Introduction to Fall Protection, Ladders, Scaffolding, Conventional Fall Protection, Additional Fall Protection Systems, Rescue. Each module will provide the user with information on the correct procedures, equipment usage, as well as give examples of incorrect applications of fall protection. The course references the specific OSHA guidelines for participants to see the wording of the actual regulations.


By completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize common fall hazards in residential construction.
  • Identify when fall protection is required.
  • Determine which protection system to use for a given fall hazard.
  • Understand the key requirements and basic safety practices for each protection system.
  • Understand the safety requirements and practices for ladders and scaffolding.


This course was originally created under grant number SH-31198-SH7 from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Department of Labor. It has been turned into an on-demand course with the gracious support of the Job Safety Institute (JSI) and the National Association of Home Builders.


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